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Mabel Blanket Pattern


V I D E O   S U P P O R T

Here's a video tutorial walking you through making a Mabel blanket from start to finish:

For all my sweet left-handed friends, click here! I made a special version of my tutorial video just for you to be able to easier follow. 


Helpful Stitch/Technique Tutorials:

⊳ how to make a slip knot

 chain (ch) stitch tutorial (skip to 2:40 minute mark)

single crochet (sc) stitch tutorial

how to start a new skein of yarn - magic knot tutorial

how to keep the edge of your blanket straight

invisible join (skip to 8:42 minute mark)

how to weave in loose ends (skip to 0:45 minute mark, most similar video I could find to how I weave in loose ends)




R E C O M M E N D E D    M A T E R I A L S 

Mabel Blanket Pattern

Feel free to use any worsted weight 4 yarn for your Mabel blanket. Below you'll find links to a few of my favorites that I've used in the past and my all time favorite hook for this blanket. I personally prefer to use Boye crochet hooks, but I also included links for other 11.5mm crochet hooks I love so you'd have options. Feel free to use any 11.5mm hook, whatever is most comfortable to you.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliated links (meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission at zero extra cost to you).


Recommended Yarns

Lion Brand Basic Stitch (& Skein Tones) Yarn

Lion Brand  ⊹  Amazon  ⊹  Joann (Basic Stitch)    Joann (Skein Tones)


Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn

Michaels  ⊹  Amazon


Big Twist Value Yarn



Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn

Lion Brand  ⊹  Amazon  ⊹  Joann  ⊹  Michaels


Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Joann  ⊹  Amazon  ⊹  Michaels  ⊹  Walmart 

Yarn alternatives to these yarns can be found at



Recommended Hook - 11.5mm •  US Size P Hook

Boye Yarn Crafts (my personal favorite)

Walmart  ⊹  Amazon   Joann  ⊹  Joann (Option 2)


Susan Bates 

Amazon  ⊹  Walmart


ChiaoGoo Bamboo





F R E Q U E N T L Y    A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S


What exact yarns did you use for the Mabel Blanket I saw on Instagram?

Lion Brand Basic Stitch & Skein Tones Yarn
in the colors: Honey, Almond, & White

Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn
in the colors: Golden Beige, Gold, & Aran
Michaels  ⊹  Amazon


Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn
in the colors: Soft Rose & Aran
Michaels  ⊹  Amazon

& Big Twist Value Yarn

in the color: Light Rose


How do I start a new skein of yarn?

I personally love to use a magic knot whenever I'm making this blanket! Click here for a video tutorial.


The edge of my blanket looks more like a trapezoid than a rectangle, can you help me?

Yes! A super simple way to help with that is to grab a couple of stitch markers and check out this video tutorial I made.


How do I customize size?

On page 9 of my pattern I have several size suggestions but I know that "standard" blanket sizes can vary greatly so if you'd like to customize your blanket to a particular width, you can start by creating a chain that is slightly shorter than your desired blanket width (a few inches shorter to account for the fact that chain stitches stretch as you work single crochet stitches into them) or if you'd like something a little more precise, you can try following these steps to figure out your starting chain.

Step 1: When you're making a blanket which is constructed by rows, the number of stitches in each row will determine the width of your blanket. So before you start customizing this pattern, you need to have an idea of how wide you'd like it to be. Keep in mind, adding a border once you've finished your blanket will add a little extra width, a little less than an inch.

Step 2: Take the original chain count from the pattern and divide that number by the width of the pattern. Here's a math formula for a visual, round to the nearest whole number:

original chain / original width = sts/inch

Step 3: Take the sts/inch number you just got above and multiply that by your desired width and this will give you an approximate idea of your new custom starting chain count. Here's a math formula for a visual:

stitch/inch x desired width = new chain

Step 4: Then once you've got the width how you'd like, just keep single crocheting row by row until your blanket is the length is an inch shorter than the length that you'd like. Adding a border to your blanket will give it that extra inch to your desired length.


What exact hook do you recommend?

My all time favorite 11.5mm crochet hook is from Boye Yarn Crafts. I bought it several years ago at Walmart. It comes in a bundle set with a large Q size hook, and it's totally worth grabbing the bundle because it's such a nice hook at sliding through bulky stitches easily. My hook is white but it looks like Boye might be updating to make their size P hook green according to Amazon and other listings I've seen. Walmart still hopefuly appears to have the white hook though.

Here are the links: Walmart  ⊹  Amazon   Joann  ⊹  Joann (Option 2)


What yarns do you recommend?

I've been making this blanket for years and have tried many different worsted weight yarns. This pattern is very forgiving so feel free to use any worsted weight yarn you'd like. My current personal favorite is Lion Brand Basic Stitch & Skein Tones yarn because I vibe with so many of the color options. My other favorites are all linked above in my Recommended Materials section.


How do I know how much yarn I’ll need for fringe?

This question is a little tricky because it all depends on how long you make your strands and the size of your blanket. I'm guessing grabbing an extra skein or two for fringe should give you plenty of yarn to work with. My most recent Mabel blanket I made with the Lion Brand Basic Stitch yarn took just a little over two skeins for the fringe.


If you have any other questions, feel free to send me an email at I'd be happy to help! Can't thank you enough for supporting my work and my small business to help me provide for my family. So grateful for you, sweet friend.


Happy making!