how to order essential oils & plant based products:

Hello sweet friend!

One of my biggest passions in life is to help others to take control over their health & wellness by ditching toxic products out of their house. Young Living is my favorite for so many reasons but a big one is that they make the process of going as toxin free as possible so incredibly easy. They carry everything -- non-toxic plant-based cleaners, skin care, hair care, baby care, home care, they even have a make-up line, and one of the largest selections of essential oils to be able to make your own products. You can even replace your candles and air fresheners with a diffuser!

This month I'm giving a FREE GIFT for NEW Young Living Customers with any 100 PV (about $100) purchase. Check my instagram account for the details. You can create your own bundle or buy a discounted pre-made bundle like the aria bundle (my all time favorite) or desert mist bundle.


Whenever you buy a starter bundle (or anything from Young Living) using my referral number, I send you:

  • Happy snail mail including my favorite perfume roller blend & recipe cards

  • A beautiful 30 page digital handbook walking you through exactly how to use essential oils complete with must have roller blend recipes & diffuser blends

  • 9 total digital handbooks with all the recipes and diy’s you could ever hope for. You’ll have access to all the tools and resources you need to help set you up for success to be able to get the most out of this experience.

  • Access to a private Facebook & Instagram groups for continual wellness education plus a google drive packed full of recipe cards and good info.


My all time favorite way to get started is with the premium starter kit. Such a good value! But if you’d like to order something different, you can unlock YL’s 24% discount in 2 ways:

  • Subscribe to one item (change or cancel your subscription anytime)

  • Spend 100 pv (bonus: get a free gift from me when you first order 100pv!)


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Or you can always type “premium starter kit” into the search bar to bring up all the kit options. Make sure my referral number 14822120 is there during checkout so you’ll be part of my oily fam & I can take good care of you.



The desert mist and aria diffuser are two of my favorites. The desert mist diffuser has a beautiful candle flicker setting and the aria diffuser is just total eye candy with the amount of mist it puts out.


Grab the Aria Bundle Deal - $265 (retail value = $626)

*** click here for the aria diffuser bundle ***

Comes with the stunning aria diffuser (my personal all time favorite diffuser, total eye candy with the amount of mist it pumps out), 12 of YL’s most popular & versatile essential oils (check below for all the oils that come in this kit), plus Ningxia Red & hand sanitizer samples.

Pro Tip: Getting the Aria in a starter kit is the cheapest and most cost effective way to get the Aria diffuser!


Grab the Desert Mist Bundle Deal - $165 (retail value = $505)

*** click here for the desert mist diffuser bundle ***

Comes with the pretty desert mist diffuser (has a beautiful candle flicker setting we’re all obsessed with), 12 of YL’s most popular & versatile essential oils (check below for all the oils that come in this kit), plus Ningxia Red & hand sanitizer samples.




In case you want to custom make your own bundle, you can order whatever you’d like from Young Living without ever having to order a starter bundle. Have your order equal 100pv to unlock the wholesale discount for a year (24% off all YL products including your first order)! Or subscribe to any item to get the discount as well. Super easy. (Can change/cancel your subscription anytime, no strings attached.) 

Subscribe to Save is Young Living's way of sending you a monthly subscription wellness box. All your favorite non-toxic products showing up at your doorstep each month. Makes everything so effortless if you're truly wanting to make a lifestyle change. This is my absolute favorite part of Young Living! It is hands down the best way to begin a non-toxic lifestyle and receive so many freebies & points back (to spend like store credit) in the process. Subscription orders equalling at least 50pv unlocks the points back perk. 100pv orders unlocks free shipping in the United States.



I 100% recommend, in addition to getting your Premium Starter Kit, to sign up for Subscribe to Save for the best savings and perks to help you effortlessly dive into a non-toxic lifestyle. You can totally cancel anytime too with no fees or hidden strings attached. 

I personally build my own order every month with products my family loves and uses.


Here are six Young Living products I use every single day:


1. Valor - I can't live without this oil. It's made such a huge difference for my mental health. So good at calming me down in times of stress. Smells like heaven mixed with White Angelica or Stress Away. (Click here for the roller / bottle)


2. Beauty Boost - The absolute most luxurious, hydrating serum to apply to your face. Feels like heaven, makes skin so soft, evens skin tone & reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. (Click here for a bottle)


3. Ningxia Red - FULL of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins & minerals. It's is SO good for you! I drink it every single day & it's made such a huge difference for my overall health & wellbeing (including my mental health). (Click here for starter bundle / click here for a couple bottles / click here for most cost effective bundle that'll last you a few months)


4. Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil - Nourishes the ends of my hair, makes them so soft & silky without weighing them down. (Click here for the bottle)


5. Thieves Cleaner - Works SO well & cleans everything. Literally ditched all other cleaners in my house for this one bottle. It's a concentrate so it lasts forever too. Just add a capful to 16oz of water in a glass spray bottle and you're good to go. Smells like Christmas too! Also awesome for keeping houseplants happy, healthy and pest free. (Click here for the bottle)


6. White Angelica - Another oil I lean on during times of anxiety or stress. Legit smells like a perfume when mixed with Valor or Stress Away. All the good smells (and good vibes) without the toxins. Yes please. (Click here for the bottle)


Other favorite Young Living products:

  • Kidpower Essential Oil: Don't let the name fool you. This oil is definitely for grown ups too. One of the absolute best smelling oils Young Living carries. Some compare it to a creamsicle. I'm obsessed. Perfect oil for all the uplifing, grounding, and empowering vibes. Must have for kiddos struggling with big or nervous feelings. (Click here for the roller / bottle)
  • Sleepyize Essential Oil: Must have oil for my kids at bedtime. Beautiful blend of essential oils that help promote sleepy vibes. We recently moved both of my daughters into the same room and our bedtime routine got a little thrown off. They'd stay up for hours playing. Got back into the habit of using this oil (and this sleepy linen spray) at night and now they go right to sleep. Thank goodness! (Click here for the roller / bottle)
  • Rose Ointment: Must have for dry skin. We love to use it to help owies to heal as well. (Click here for the bottle)

  • Genesis Hand & Body Lotion: Speaking of dry skin, this lotion is the besssst. Smells so good (anthropology vibes) and is super moisturizing. Love it. We use it everyday. (Click here for the bottle)
  • Christmas Spirit: Love to diffuse this oil year round. Mix it with Grapefruit for extra awesomeness. (Click here for the bottle)

  • Deep Relief Roller: Goodbye tension and aches and pains. Roll this baby on anywhere that’s feeling sore and enjoy the cool tingles and relief. (Click here for the roller)

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil: Super versatile oil! Good for all things hair, skin, and sleep. (Click here for the bottle)


So excited for you to get your oils/non-toxic products & join our YL oily family! You’re in good hands ♡ We’re basically oily best friends now, and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited!