New Desk Setup 2023 | My Cozy & Productive Workspace


I'm so excited to share my new desk setup with all of you! In this post, I will walk you through how I set up this new workspace and share *links to all the things in case any of these items would be helpful in your homes.

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Desk Makeover



I was lucky to already have this desk (color oak) on hand. I was planning on thrifting a desk and re-making it but then I realized how pretty the desk I had could look with gold metal legs.

We spray-painted the legs of the desk gold to better fit my aesthetic, making all the difference in this space.

I swear this desk was always meant to have gold legs. The gold looks so gorgeous with this tone of wood.

Also, in case you watched my video and were wondering, I unscrewed and removed the black charging cord that came with the desk so that I didn’t have a big black cord hanging down the back. Plus with this monitor stand setup, I wouldn’t have had access to that little charging area on the top of the desk anyway.



There are so many different shades of gold spray paint out there. It’s overwhelming.

We went out on a limb and tried two, and this one was by far my favorite.
Here’s a link to the exact gold spray paint we used in case you love it too.


Desk Chair



I knew I wanted a super comfortable desk chair without any armrests because I absolutely love to sit cross-legged (crisscross applesauce?) whenever I’m sitting on a chair. It’s the most comfortable way for me to sit while I work.

So when I stumbled across this chair and saw a few reviews raving over how it’s the perfect chair to sit cross-legged, I knew it was the one.

The only problem was that the metal base of the chair came in black. Which wouldn't at all match my newly spray-painted desk with gold legs. 

So I decided to take a chance and spray-painted the metal pieces of the chair gold and oh my goodness, it turned out gorgeous!

The chair comes unassembled which made it very easy to spray paint all the metal gold before putting it together. 

After using this chair daily for hours for about a month, I highly highly recommend it. It’s both comfortable and beautiful.



We used the same can of gold spray paint that we used for the desk to spray paint the chair. We had just barely enough for both.


Desk Setup & Accessories

Below you'll find links to the rest of the accessories I used to make this desk setup.









    Quick Links for all the Things In My Workspace



    Little backstory... 

    The entire time I've run my business, I've been in desperate need of a designated workspace for all my computer tasks, and this summer, I finally took the plunge to make it happen. 

    As much as I've loved having my cute yarn studio set up the way I created it last year, I was needing a change.



    I've always wondered why I had such a hard time completing projects for work, but then it hit me.

    The entire time I've tried to run my business, I've never had a designated work space for my computer.

    I've roamed around the house with my laptop. Mainly sitting on hard wooden dining chairs that aren’t comfortable at all.



    (In case you're wondering, I like to keep this beautiful white wooden table my husband built for me as an easy-to-use backdrop to film crochet tutorials so I try my best to keep it clear from clutter.)

    This made it hard for me to focus and be productive, especially while working from home with two little ones.



    So in an effort to cut through my excuses and my embarrassing tendencies to procrastinate, I decided to completely redo an area in my little yarn studio and create a designated computer workspace, and oh boy let me tell you, it's making such a huge difference already in my productivity.

    Now walking into my office every day is something I seriously look forward to. I love this space so much. It makes me so happy.



    When designing this space, I wanted it to feel cozy, beautiful, and functional since I plan on spending a lot of time here while creating crochet patterns and editing videos for YouTube.

    I spent a lot of time researching and brainstorming to try to find the best desk setup for me while trying not to break the bank.



    I started the process of setting up my new computer workspace before reading Atomic Habits, but after reading that book, I'm even more convinced than ever that this was the best move ever for me.

    Having a beautiful, functional area to do computer work every day has made creating the habit of sitting at my desk and getting work done so effortless.



    Watch the full video below for all the details on how I created my new desk setup and see exactly how this space all came together. (In case you want just a quick read, links will all be shared below right here in this blog post.)




    Pssst, you might also enjoy this video of me originally creating my yarn studio last summer. In it, I share how we made my "Darling Be Brave" sign, too.


    That’s a wrap! 

    Thanks for taking a tour of my new desk set up in my home office + yarn studio! I am so grateful to finally have a functional desk with a computer workspace. 

    I'm looking forward to a fresh start halfway through the year and wrapping up projects that have been in the works for way too long.

    Can't thank you all enough for your never-ending patience with me while I navigate raising my two sweet daughters and trying to run a business from my home, all while spending as much time as possible with my kiddos because these years are so precious and they are going by way too fast. 


    Love you so much, sweet friends!



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